Membership Application



The WPBF shall be established to determine the eligibility of all applications for membership in accordance with this Constitution. The membership shall be comprised of the following continental zones:


A. African Region: comprises all the countries of North Africa, West Africa, East Africa, Central Africa and Southern Africa;

B. Asia-Pacific Region: comprises all the countries of Central Asia, East Asia, North Asia, Southeast    Asia, West Asia, Oceania and Pan Pacific;
C. European Region: comprises all the countries of Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe,  Southern Europe and Western Europe;
D. North American Region: comprises all the countries of Canada,United States and Caribbean Region.

E. Latin American Region: comprises all the countries of South America, Central America.


1. Membership Categories


The WPBF shall recognize the following categories of Members:


A. Regular Member (Voting Member): Any National Affiliate Members, which is responsible for regulating and supervising professional boxing within a country or territory, and which is admitted by the Executive Committee, such as a Boxing Commission, Boxing Association, Boxing Federation or Board of Control.


B. Associate Member (Non-voting member): include boxers, trainers, seconds, physicians, matchmakers, managers, promoters, referees, judges, timekeepers, announcers, media commentators, sports writers, boxing fans and any other person connected to the boxing community.


C. Special Member (Non-voting member): include the members of each Standing Committees, such as: the Ratings Committee, Championship Committee, etc,. and have been accepted by the Executive Committee.


2. Admission Requirements


In order to be admitted as a Regular Member, Associate Members and Special Member, the applicants or entities must comply with the following requirements:

A. Submit Membership Application Form to the WPBF along with other documents;
B. Always to comply with the Constitution, Bylaws, Code of Ethics and the Rules and Regulations of WPBF.
C. Each member shall be required to pay reasonable Admission Fee and Annual Renewal Fee to the WPBF to be acknowledged as a member. The president may waive or extend the payment, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.


3. Membership Dues 


A. Admission Fee and Annual Renewal Fee shall be payable on before January 31 of each   year. Nonpayment of Annual Renewal Fee within the sixty (60) day period may be result in the suspension of membership.


B. Membership shall be valid for one year, and may be renewal upon payment of the reasonable Annual Renewal Fee, unless withdrawn or suspended by the WPBF. Further, a suspended member shall not be entitled to participate in any activities from the WPBF.


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